“Cuvée de Montmartre” little absinthe bottle

Discover our absinthe “Cuvée de Montmartre”, the famous drink favoured by painters and impresionists

The absinthe was developed in Switerland, in the 18th century, by the French doctor Pierre Ordinaire and he presented it as a tonic digestive.

During the 19th century, the absinthe was a very popular drink in France. Most of the time, it was associated to the artistic bohemian way of life, and celebrities as Edgar Allan Poe, Vincent van Gogh, Oscar Wilde and Hernest Hemingway used to consume it.

“Absinthe causes memory loss… The first glass shows you things as you want to see them, the second one as they are not ; after the third glass you see them as the really are”. Oscar Wilde

Available at the Syndicat d’Initiative de Montmartre
Little bottle pack price : 12€

Pack constitution : 5cl bottle, absinthe spoon, user instructions in French and English.

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