paris montmartre avec amour

Paris Montmartre avec amour : Bilingual English/French Edition

24,00 €

“Eva Leandre invites us to an impressionistic stroll in the footsteps of the beautiful Elisa, who loves “bistros” where one does not lie, olfactory bookstores and artists with a disillusioned charm like a broken charcoal, in an authentic and popular Montmartre… This is a book to discover and enjoy with a cappuccino and a croissant in the hand, on La Butte.”

Jean Marc TARRIT
Former President of the Republique of Montmartre
Honorary President of the Montmartre Museum

“Smart and enjoyable way to discover Montmartre through the eyes of a passionate but lucid, cosmopolitan and polyglot artist, in love with La Butte.”

Jean-Pierre BLIVET
International Teacher of Singing Masterclasses

Author : Eva Léandre
Editor : Venetian Gardens
Number of pages : 190 pages
Dépôt légal : août 2009

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