The Wall of I Love You

The Wall of “I Love You”s is dedicated to lovers from all over the world, a place where declarations of love come together in a multitude of languages!


You can see the words “I love you” written or carved in every language of the world!

In 1992, Frédéric Baron dreamed about making a trip round the world dedicated to lovers, and he realizes this dream in the streets of Paris via a series of encounters.

First, he asked his brother, then his foreign neighbours, to write words of love in their own language. He soon succeeded in gathering 1000 “I love you” in more than 300 languages and dialects from across the globe.

With the help of calligrapher Claire Kitto and mural specialist Daniel Boulogne, the texts are transferred onto a wall covering 40m² and made up of 511 tiles, in which bursts of colour represent the pieces of a broken heart.

It can be found nestling amongst the greenery in Jehan Rictus square, Place des Abbesses – what better place than Montmartre for such a meeting place, right in the heart of Paris, number one city for lovers!