The Vines of Montmartre

The vines of Montmartre were originally planted to fight against increasing property development in the 1930s!


The vines remind the old viticultural traditons in Ile de France. Growing at the corner of rue des Saules and rue Saint Vincent, they are the Montmartre’s pride. The Commune Libre and the Republic of Montmartre decided to create this 3250 feet vineyard in order to protect the area which was under a threat from property developers.

The vines are lovingly taken care of the whole year long by representatives from the Paris Directorate for Parks and Gardens.

Montmartre’s vineyards – which name is “Le Cloc de Montmartre” – is property of the City of Paris. The Comity for Parties and Social Action of Montmartre and of the 18th arrondissement exploits it. It used to be the Commune Libre de Montmartre that organized the Fête des Vendanges (grape harvest party), but the town council took it and gave it another dimension.

The Vineyard of Montmartre, the wine of which is called the ‘Clos Montmartre’, is owned by the City of Paris and managed by the Festival and Social Action Committee of Montmartre and the 18th arrondissement.

Vinificated under strict œnological controls in the Town Hall cellars, the ‘Clos Montmartre’, is then sold and the money put into social work projects in the 18th arrondissement.

Each year, following traditional methods, around 500 carefully refined litres of ‘Clos Montmartre’ are produced. The 2013 vintage, dedicated to Montmartre and Love, was sponsored by singers Nolwenn Leroy and Thomas Dutronc.