The Passe-Muraille (Walker-Through-Walls)

The Passe-Muraille, stucked into the wall of the Marcel Aymé place, is a statue made by the actor Jean Marais, as a tribute to the work of th French writer Marcel Aymé.


Native from the French department of Yonne, Marcel Aymé spent a great part of his life in Montmartre, in the rue Norvins. As a matter of fact, he situated most of his novels in the neighbourhood.

In the short novel titled “Le Passe-Muraille”, Dutilleul – a modest office worker at the Ministry of Registration living in Montmartre who finds out one noght he has got the ability to pass through the walls. He first uses his power to take revenge at the office, then becomes a burglar and a rich man, just before he is put into jail and evades ! He then falls in love with a beautiful woman he met in the rue Lepic and crosses the walls to see her despite a jealous husband, till one day when he loses his gift and get stuck into a wall, in the rue Norvins…

Jean Marais – a French actor and sculptor – immortalized the Passe-Muraille in 1989 within the wall that is in front of Marcel Aymé’s house.