Saint Vincent’s Jardin Sauvage (Wild Garden)

Saint Vincent’s Jardin Sauvage remains the only example of a natural habitat in Paris !

This small enclosure (only 1500 m²) next to the Montmartre vineyard, used to be a public square before it got abandonned for about twenty years.

In 1985 the Directorate for Parks and Gardens of Paris came up with the idea of creating a wild garden; the hill was reinforced, a pathway was added and a pond was dug. New species of plants and animals were introduced. In the meantime the garden kept evolving naturally.

Saint Vincent’s Jardin Sauvage is a true wild plant observatory right in the heart of Paris, where teachers can take their pupils to learn about ecology and study an array of plants which can be used in cooking or in medicinal remedies.

The Jardin Sauvage is open to the public in season, Saturdays and Sundays from 1.30pm until 6.30pm.