In the footsteps of Dalida in Montmartre

Dalida, real name Yolanda Gigliotti, was Italian of origin and born in Egypt!


The famous singer Dalida found a home in Montmartre, where she moved in 1962. She bought a very beautiful mansion on the narrow rue d’Orchampt, right in the heart of Montmartre. She used to eat at the neighbouring Italian restaurant Grazziano, down by the Moulin, and also the shops in the rue Lepic.

Dalida joined in the fight to defend and protect the Butte, which she held in special affection.

In 1987, weakened by the loss of relatives, Dalida committed suicide in her house; she was buried in the Montmartre Cemetary.

On the 10th anniversary of her death in 1997, the neighbourhood of Montmartre decided to pay her homage; a lifesize bust, created by the French sculptor Alain Aslan – who also produced the sculpture which adorns her tomb – was erected on the small eponymous square, and the 1996 vintage of the Montmartre wine bore her name.


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