Gilbert PEYRE l’électromécanomaniaque à la Halle Saint-Pierre

Fifteen years after its first monograph, Gilbert Peyre responds again to the invitation of the Halle Saint Pierre. The result is an original artistic proposal in the form of performance-performance, between aesthetics and advanced technology. This artist who defines himself as an “electromechanomaniac”, presents his sculpturesmachines, wacky and poetic automata designed from recovered objects that, with a blow of electricity, mechanics, pneumatics and electronics will be brought To life and become the protagonists of a cruel and enchanting tale. In this game with ambivalent, dramatic and burlesque combinations, Gilbert Peyre reconciles the bricolage and the technological progress. It recovers, diverts, recycles what technology first condemned as obsolete for, against all odds, then contributing to its rehabilitation.

No desire therefore to submit the world but rather the need to re-enchant it in order.
That creation and existence are confused in a conception of life as poetry.
Far from the “single” machines celebrating only their solitary mechanical intoxication, the fictional and hybrid beings of Gilbert Peyre open to us a poetic habitation of the world in which the artist interprets and transfigures daily. This metaphor of journey-adventure in the depths of sensibility, because it gives to grasp the measure of the human being, can not but enter into resonance with the spirit of the Halle Saint Pierre.


Dates and hours
From: 16 September 2016
To: 26 February 2017
Practical informations
Address: Halle Saint-Pierre - 2, rue Ronsard - 75018
Phone number: 01 42 58 72 89
By subway:
  • Abbesses
  • Anvers