Le Divan du Monde

The Divan du Monde is a performance hall that dates back to the early nineteenth century and has therefore crossed the ages.

The Divan du Monde and Madame Arthur, two legendary rooms at the foot of the Montmartre hill in Pigalle, have been brought together to reform the famous Japanese Divan Divan in the world of the French Collection.

1 single ticket – 2 rooms and 2 atmospheres – All music in French

From 8pm to 6am in the morning from Wednesday to Saturday at Divan du Monde and at Madame Arthur’s.

Around a ball, a cabaret, a club, concerts and surprising animations it is our heritage and our musical news which are highlighted under the sign of the joy and the festival.


Practical informations
Address: 75 rue des Martyrs 75018 Paris
Phone number: 01 40 05 06 99, 07 68 78 68 01
Internet: http://www.divandumonde.com/en/
E-mail: programmation@divandumonde.com, reservation@divandumonde.com, direction@divandumonde.com, production@divandumonde.com, communication@divandumonde.com, vestiaire@divandumonde.com
By subway:
  • Abbesses (M 12)
  • Pigalle Lignes (M 2 or 12)