Bruno Emile LAURENT

Born in Mons, Bruno Emile Laurent sudden exodus during the war and worked since the age of 14, performing various professions: butcher with his father repairing bicycle tires, stevedore in the building, riveting factory. At 25, he went to Paris and worked in catering and in automotive construction for a living. From an artistic temperament in the seventies he took acting classes to be an actor and met the actor Daniel Russo, a young student. Then he became a cook in its own restaurants for ten years, he decided at the age of 45 to register during the evening at drawing class of the City of Paris, in Montparnasse. For 5 years, he dutifully learns from the live model and plaster. It analyzes several courses of painting and begins to do his own paintings, he exhibited at the “Salon des Independants” and the Salon of French Artists. In 1987 he decided to open his studio-gallery, where it is still installed and that makes him one of the personalities of the Butte. Its location in the lower Montmartre, inclines to specialize in the painting of Montmartre, though his subjects also extend to flowers, views of Paris, New York, landscapes of Provence, or the interiors of cafes. The Montmartre museum displays many of his works.


Practical informations
Address: Atelier 21 - 21 rue Henri Monnier 75009
Phone number: 01 48 74 54 93
By subway:
  • Pigalle
  • Saint-Georges